Type: Urban Trail

Length: 5 miles

Surface: Paved



Grade - Flat



The 218 Trail segment provides vista of the Cedar River and lowland areas.  This trail connects to the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail (in two locations) and Sergeant Road Trail. If you keep following this trail to the southeast, it will connect you to the Cedar Valley Nature trail.

Location - Where is this Trail?


There are two trailheads

One is at Commercial Avenue and Mullan Avenue.
The other trailhead is at W. 18th Street and Black Hawk Street.

Sites & Attractions

The Trail provides access to downtown Waterloo, Grout Museums, 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, Young Arena, John Deere Westfield Avenue Site, and Cattle Congress.

History of the Trail


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Peddling and pedaling drives Cedar Falls bike shop owner

  • Jim Offner
  • Sat January 10 2015
  •   5,110
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18th Annual Cedar Valley Trails Festival

  • BikeIowa
  • Thu August 8 2013
  •   10,169

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