• Posted Jul 29, 2015

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Writte by Joseph Stronberg - July 29th 2015

You've probably heard of Burning Man and Bonnaroo. But you might not be familiar with RAGBRAI: the world's largest and oldest bike tour, improbably located in Iowa, that arguably serves as the quintessential summer festival of the Midwest.

Instead of covering themselves in body paint, RAGBRAI riders don spandex jerseys with pun-inspired team names. Instead of dropping acid and making art, they throw hay bales, listen to Journey, and drink cans of Bud Light given away by friendly locals. RAGBRAI is an idiosyncratic mix of extreme exercise, alcohol-fueled revelry, and Midwestern kitsch: By day three, you're used to seeing middle-aged moms take shots of Fireball at 10 am, just after riding 30 miles and before buying ham balls to support a church fundraiser.


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