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Sat Oct 15 2016 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Yellow River State Forest
Harpers Ferry, IA


Driftless Area Flyathlon/Iowa TU



Distance - 3-6 miles

The Driftless Area Flyathlon is a synthesis of three awesome activities: trail running, fly fishing, and craft beer.  Participants will complete a trail run while carrying all of their fishing gear (even non-fly fishers!).  They will have to stop along the route and catch a trout and get proof by taking a picture.  Then, participants will have to complete their run and will awarded a time bonus based on the size of the fish and the conditions for that day (or a penalty if no fish is caught!).

To top it all off, participants celebrate an awesome day on the trail/stream with craft brew.  The race partner is Iowa Trout Unlimited and proceeds from the event will go toward cold water conservation and on the ground projects for trout streams and/or trails.  While participants are not required to fund raise, they are highly encouraged to do so as donations to Iowa Trout Unlimited are tax deductible.  As an incentive, gear donated by our awesome sponsors could be given away leading up to the event to a highest fund raiser for a given period.

The Driftless Area Flyathlon is designed to be a fun event for all abilities (running or fishing) to help give back to our beautiful cold water streams and trails, encourage community involvement, inclusivity, and responsible recreation.

Run.Fish.Beer. (and do it all responsibly)

To be added to the mailing list about event details and be notified when registration will open, please email: 


Yellow River State Forest (near Harpers Ferry, IA).  Route will follow trails along Big Paint Creek and Little Paint Creek.


Yellow River State Forest

729 State Forest Rd
Harpers Ferry, IA 52146



Final cost is TBD, but currently registration is anticipated to be around $80-90 (this includes a stainless steel pint glass*, race shirt, catered meal*, and donated craft beer*)

*planned--subject to availability but will be substituted if necessary


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