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Sat Feb 09 2019 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Doughy Joey's Peetza Joynt
Cedar Falls, IA


Who's Riding Cedar Valley



Distance - Unknown

People are Gravelcurious and well it is winter. So one may not want to try it that day, but we can set the stage for your late winter and early spring attempts at riding gravel. Mark Stevenson (Guitar Ted) from Europa Cycle & Ski will be covering a few topics along with some other local gravel riders. Even if you are not into being Gravelcurious, come out anyways, if you like bikes and like to talk bikes, well like you already.
We will be upstairs in Doughy Joey's, Russ Clark of Europa Cycle & Ski, Cedar Velley Cyclist (CVC) and myself are paying for the first $1,000 of Peetza. So yeah, no real excuse on your part.

We will have a free will donation jar to help tip the wait staff. We want to ensure they are taken care of.

We have limited space and we will be running free ticketing through Tikly week of the event. Please watch this FB event for a link. No RSVP no admission. We are going to this format due to the demand we have seen. Roughly 50 spots per session.

MUST READ, The not so fun details: No double booking. No double attending. If you do, I will personally ask you to leave the second session as we are going to this effort to accommodate the demand and you are being rude and not cool.

1:30pm Arrival and Socialization
1:55pm Introductions
2:00pm Seminars on Gravel ( 
2:05pm Sterile Iowa (Alden, IA) Daniel Loughry
2:20pm Snaggy Ridge 105 (Tipton, IA) Dan Roberts
2:35pm Iowa City Gravel, Todd Young
2:50pm Iowa Wind & Rock (Winterset, IA) Steve Fuller
3:05pm MADCO & CIRREM (Cumming, IA) Kent Carlson
3:30pm Prairie Burn (Grinnell, IA) Jon Duke
3:45pm Turds of Misery 200K (Charlotte, IA) Jen Reed
Guest Speakers
4:00pm Bike Iowa and Pogie Lites, Scott Sumpter
4:30pm Tour Divide & Other what nots, Andrea Cohen
5pm Wrap Up and Socialize
5:25pm Clean up the area for the next session
5:25pm (We need everyone out, so the staff can clean the area up)

5:45pm Arrival and Socialization
6:10pm Introductions
6:15pm Turds of Misery 200K (Charlotte, IA) Jen Reed
6:30pm Prairie Burn (Grinnell, IA) Jon Duke
6:45pm MADCO & CIRREM (Cumming, IA) Kent Carlson
7:00pm Iowa Wind & Rock (Winterset, IA) Steve Fuller
7:15pm Iowa City Gravel, Todd Young
7:30pm Snaggy Ridge 105 (Tipton, IA) Dan Roberts
7:45pm Iowa City Gravel, Todd Young
8:15pm Sterile Iowa (Alden, IA) Daniel Loughry
Guest Speakers
8:30pm Bike Iowa and Pogie Lites, Scott Sumpter
9:00pm Tour Divide & Other what nots, Andrea Cohen
9:15pm Wrap Up and Socialize



Doughy Joey's Peetza Joynt

126 Brandilynn Blvd
Cedar Falls, IA 50613


We will have a good will donation jar in order to tip the wait staff with.

RSVP though Tikly at 8am on 4 February.  Google Tikly and look for Iowa Gravel Expo/Party.


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