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Wed Mar 27 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Firetrucker Brewery
Ankeny, IA


Firetrucker Brewery and



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Come to Firetrucker Brewery to hear life-cyclist, Megan Hill, tell about her adventures traveling by bike.

Join us for a night of cycling talk! Firetrucker will be hosting a series of informative sessions about everything bikes, bikes, bikes!

Be Inspired! Be Motivated - Megan will talk about how 10-speeds, independence and cycling have formed her life.

I learned to ride a bike at age 10, a little later than most kids but I was usually on a horse instead! There was also the added challenge of a 10-speed on a gravel road, not ideal conditions for a first-time learner.  Living in a rural area, all my friends were miles away so riding 20 miles in a day wasn’t odd; I put lots of miles on that bike, especially in the summer! 50-200 miles in a week was normal. Then I got a car and the bike was on hold until my college years in Colorado.  I traded in the 10-speed for a mountain bike and biked all over Colorado and Utah.  I moved to Southern California and a beach cruiser was added to my collection. Weekends were on the bike; bar hopping, going for coffee, getting groceries, etc. And then came Iowa. I was used to riding by myself and it was a struggle to learn to ride in social groups.  I liked the independence and solitude of riding by myself, going the speed I wanted, whatever distance I chose, and it wasn’t based on what someone else wanted to do or could do.

When I decided to tour around Europe, it was natural for me to think about doing it alone. Last year, I biked through several countries including Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, England, France, Spain and Portugal.  I also went to Morocco but my bike stayed in Portugal. In 6 months, 4500 miles were put in on the bike seat, the bike weighed 50 lbs. and I carried 100lbs of gear. If you haven’t traveled by bike, it’s an amazing way to see a state or country! You experience your surroundings in such a way that is more intense and intimate than you ever could by car or train.

Talk begins at 6:15pm. Come grab a beer or two and settle in for a night of learning and Adventure Biking! Come early for Happy Hour from 4-6pm and snag $1 off house pints before the session. Free to attend, all ages welcome.



Firetrucker Brewery

716 SW 3rd St
Ankeny, IA 50023


no cost, but please PLEASE RSVP on the Facebook Event, so we can gauge attendance for seating.


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