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Sat Aug 01 2020 - Sat Aug 15 2020 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Virtual Ride and Fundrasier at
Iowa City, IA


Seth Bailey Courage Group (Courage Ride Event Committee)



Distance - Virtual Ride. Pick your own distance. Ride outside or inside... your choice. Just ride!

Iowa’s Annual Courage Ride For Sarcoma Cancer Goes Virtual


IOWA CITY, June 10, 2020 — This year’s annual Courage Ride is going virtual. Due to COVID-19, the bike-riding event, aimed at raising funds to help end Sarcoma cancer, will be held virtually from August 1st-August 15th in order to protect the safety of participants. The Courage Ride was originally scheduled to be held on August 15th.


 “Keeping our Courage Ride participants healthly and safe made this an easy decision by our board,” said Leora Houghton, Event Director for Courage Ride. “The Courage Ride board is ‘coming together’ with virtual plans to make it a successful experience and to provide important funds to seed sarcoma research at the University of Iowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center.”


Virtual riders can participate in the Courage Ride event from anywhere in the world. They have the option of creating their own routes and asking friends and family to join. Participants can also choose to download routes provided by Courage Ride to use on a training app. If a participant doesn’t have the ability to ride outdoors, they can also choose to ride indoors on a stationary bike.


On the originally scheduled day of the event, August 15th, Courage Ride’s Facebook page will be hosting various Facebook Live interviews and events throughout the day including an online silent auction and virtual happy hour with music from Justin Goodchild, Ace Jones and the Bamboozlers. All of which, will be hosted by Iowa native, and four-time Emmy Award winning television host: Jeff Houghton.


"I can't wait for the Virtual Courage Ride, it's such an incredible organization working toward such an important cause in sarcoma research,” said Jeff Houghton, Event Host. “I think we've planned a great event, and people will have a great time and learn a lot about the need for sarcoma research at the work being done at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center."

The cost of the virtual ride is $25. Interested parties can also choose to purchase Courage Ride merchandise, such as jerseys and t-shirts, by visiting: All proceeds are directed to The University of Iowa Foundation to benefit Sarcoma cancer research at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Courage Ride’s proceeds have seeded research grants at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Sarcoma Research Program for over 15 years.


“Sarcoma is one of the rarest forms of cancer effecting thousands of adults and chidren each year world wide,” said Courage Ride Marketing Chair, Scott Appleget. “Yet it only sees one to two of all cancer research funding. Over the past 15 years, Courage Ride proceeds have seeded numerous sarcoma cancer research grants at the University of Iowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. Many of those grants have evolved into promising, larger scale research studies. The results are leading to new advancements, new partnerships and attracting some of the best research talent in the nation. These studies truly change the lives of patients all over the region.”


For more information about this year’s virtual Courage Ride and Facebook Live fundraiser, or to register or make a donation, visit:



Ride Outside

If you consider yourself a cyclist and can’t make it to Iowa City (because of COVID-19 or you are just too far away), create your own route and ask friends and family to join you. Make a team if you like. But please do it safely! Follow your communities social distancing requirements and of course all the local, state rules of the road and wear a helmet. Make sure your bike is in good operating condition and take your phone so you can call for assistance if you need it. We want to see you back next year!

Ride Inside

If riding outside is not an option and you have the ability to ride an indoor trainer or a spin bike:

  1. Pick a distance of your choice and go!

  2. Select a favorite training app route and enjoy!

  3. Or download one of our six Courage Ride route maps to your favorite training app!

Not A Rider? Fundraise. Make A Donation.

For those who cycling isn’t your thing; no training, no bike shorts, just an amazing advocate for Courage Ride and fighting Sarcoma Cancer. You don’t even need to hop on a stationary bike. All you need to do is make a donation. Your donation could be a single-personal donation, or you might want to create your own fundraiser. Either way, your dollars make a difference too!


Virtual Ride and Fundrasier at

1225 South Gilbert Street
Iowa City, IA 52240


"Virtual Rider" $25

Youth (13-17) $15

Children 12 & under are free.


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