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Sun Sep 26 2021 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Charlotte City Park
Charlotte, IA


Jennifer Reed



Distance - 200k/130 miles

The 4th rolling of the Turds of Misery 200k falls on RD Jen Reed's birthday weekend! Holla! In years past it's been cue sheet only, but may likely be a combo gpx/cue sheet situation because your RD is not only the shittiest, but the most solo'est. She participates in this shitshow, too! It's every man, woman and manchild for themselves--no one is coming to save you!

Burp your tubeless setup and can't get that valve (eh hem, Sean)? You're walkin. Dog bite you 40 miles in? You'll live AND finish the remaining 90 (if you want it bad enough). The point is, don't come if you're not willing to gamble for some Level 3 fun! Plus, this will put you in fine racing form for Snaggy Ridge just 6 days later!!!

Finally, NO, there will not be a "dry course" should the forecast be terrible. A handful of us survived the 2019 ride and all would agree were better off for it....thought to be fair the RD was the only one to return (and finish) in 2020.


As previously mentioned, 2021 will likely be a mix of gpx and cue sheets. More information will be provided to registered participants the closer we get to "race" day. The cue sheets will be key in locating the somewhat hidden checkpoints along the gpx route so riders will definetely need to follow both.


Charlotte City Park

104 Broadway St.
Charlotte, IA 52731


Registration is a simple postcard to:
Jen Reed/Turds of Misery RD
2601 E. Pleasant St.
Davenport, Iowa  52803

On the postcard, list your name, gender, age, that you're responsible for your own damn self and your EMAIL for details. Postcards must be received by Sept. 1st!!!!!

As always, Turds is FREE! A donation is appreciated since there's gels and a few snacks at the unmanned checkpoints and a rad AF patch to all finishers. Jen has yet to run in the black but if she ever does, any proceeds will be donated to the Charlotte Volunteer Fire Department because that crew is amazing!


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