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Mon May 31 2021 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Scott County Park, Hickory Hills Shelter
Eldridge, IA


Quad Cities Racing



Distance - 100 kilometers / 62 miles

Celebrate Memorial Day by riding 100k (62 miles) of beautiful Scott Country gravel roads at the inaugural Quad Cities Crusher. This race has something for everyone. 

The course provides riders a chance to view some of the area's best landscapes including Scott County Park and the Princeton Wildlife Reserve. If you are looking for a fun ride over varied terrain this is a great way to spend your holiday weekend. If you are serious racer, however, this course has been designed with you in mind. It includes several tough climbs and a segment of double track on the levee at Princeton Wildlife Reserve that will serve to break-up the field and encourage racers to fight for good position coming into and out of these crucial segments. Making the front group will have rewards as the second half of the course contains the majority of the pavement sectors so having a group to work with will be crucial to be near the front at finish line.

Join your fellow racers for food and beverages at the post-party. Starting and finishing in Scott County Park provides a great venue to spend time with friends and family no matter whether you "crushed it" or the race "crushed you". 


This course is not meant to be your typical midwestern gravel grinder. It was inspired by the great European classics, which include short steep climbs and feature segments of rough road covered in gravel and cobbles. 

The course includes over 2,000 ft. of climbing, a section of double track and “Level B” road. While the course will stay predominantly on gravel it will include some sections of lightly trafficked pavement on flat terrain that will reward riders who work in groups. 

Note that the course will not be closed to traffic so racers will need to remain aware and follow traffic laws.

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Scott County Park, Hickory Hills Shelter

18850 270th St
Eldridge, IA 52748



$20 to enter through
Registration open through May 29, 2021
Field size limited to 100
Packet pick-up 8:00-8:45 morning of race


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