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Sat Oct 01 2005 3pm - 7pm


East of Birdland Marina
Des Moines, IA




We had great weather, excellent turnout, and top-notch racing at Union Park
this afternoon for the first round of the Mid America Cross Cup (round 2 of
the Iowa Cyclocross Championship Series)!

Racers from across the midwest showed up to battle for the podium in a
plethora of categories - and the chance to earn a limited edition print by
acclaimed local artist, Garrett Davis.

Tony Wilhelm (LBC-Highgear) turned up the heat in the mid-day sun and put
the pressure on the first race - ripping the field apart on his singlespeed
and earning a victory of over a minute on Dave Hejduk for second place
overall and Mark Studnicki for third.

Thomas Price shredded the field in the second race, earning the prize with
Dean Parker taking second and Dave Hammer (DMOS) third.

Wilhelm carried his warmup into the A race, pushing the field for the first
part of the race, before the duo of Josh Johnson (Big Shark) and Jay Thomas
(LBC-Highgear ) took over for good. Johnson took the victory, Thomas dove
with the bike (with a flat) across the line to beat Jim Holmes ( Ralph Henderson) who was surging for

Tremendous thank-yous go out to our officials, Mark Guthart & Josh Lukins
and the hordes of volunteers who make these races successful!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to the next round at Ewing Park

The Godfathers of Cross
Marco, O-Dawg & Pauly

Master 30+ ICCS

1. Rob Versteegh, Team 14/ Pedros
2. Brent Hauser

Master 35+ (MACC)

1. Mark Stucnicki
2. Marc Walter
3. David Pitt
4. Don Raskey
5. Craig Harding
6. Sean Myers

Master 40+ (Iowa Cyclocross Championship Series)

1. Dave Hammer, DMOS
2. Phillip Curran, DICE
3. Randy Catron, DMOS
4. Donnie Miller, DICE
5. James Floyd

Master 45+ (Mid-America Cross Cup)

1. Thomas Price
2. Dean Parker
3. Doug Larson

Master 50+ (ICCS)

1. Richard Gilmore, Bike Tech
2. James Cooper


1. Jeff Farrell


1. Anthony Wilhelm
2. David Hejduk
3. Will Huntsberger
4. Chris Locke
5. Tyree Williams
6. Kim West, Ralph Henderson

C Race

1. Dave VanderHorst, Iowa Orthopedic Racing Team
2. Greg Cummins

B Race

1. Troy Krause
2. Greg Aronson, DICE
3. Thad Neil, Team 14/Pedros
4. Kurt Hantleman, Irwins/Toyota
5. TJ Carmichael
6. John Lefler
7. Kyle Sedore, Irwin/Toyota
8. Bryan Moritz
9. Jim Robidoux, Ralph
Henderson Properties
10. Jeff Dullard
11. Paul Jensen, /Ralph Henderson
12. Jeff Corcoran

Womens Open

1. Tammy Meehan, Mercy
2. Shannon Treis, Ralph
Henderson Properties
3. Stacey Hallmer

A Race

1. Josh Johnson, Big Shark
2. Jay Thomas
3. Jim Holmes, Ralph Henderson
4. John Olney, Mercy
5. Lee Venteicher, Ralph
Henderson Properties
6. Cam Kirkpatrick, Ralph
Henderson Properties
7. Anthony Wilhelm
8. Darin Schlake
9. Ralph Henderson, Ralph
Henderson Properties
10. Sean Noonan, Irwin/Toyota
11. Bruce Grell, DICE
12. Ryan Jacobson, Atlas
13. John Meehan, Mercy
14. Paul Deninger, Mercy
15. Jeremy Venable, Midwest Rolling Thunder
16. Donny Quixote
17. Chad Vandelune, Ralph
Henderson Properties

Dnf. David

Dnf. Mark Stednicki



Distance - timed event

Cyclocross Race, a hybrid of road, mountain and cross-country running


Union Park


East of Birdland Marina

Union Park
Des Moines, IA 50320



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