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Sat Oct 28 2023 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Strawberry Point Inger Park
Strawberry Point, IA


Point Vision



Distance - 28 miles, 48 miles or 88 miles

Point Pedal bike race combines your love for scenery and grueling hills.
This race is scheduled in the fall of the year, October 28, 2023, so we should avoid the 100-degree weather. Sorry if you're a fan of that. We promise a challenging course no matter what length you choose.

Strawberry Point, located in Northeast Iowa, is hosting this race along with their annual pumpkin drop, kids trick or treating and music in the park. Something for everyone!

The races start at Inger Park and will take you through Backbone State Park, Iowa oldest and most visited state park. 

We offer 3 lengths this year, 28, 48 and 88 fun filled miles!

From Inger Park go east of town to enjoy a portion of the Old Mission Road that was established in 1841 as the most feasible and direct route from Dubuque to Fort Atkinson.

As you travel east from Strawberry Point you will ride by Bixby Park. Bixby is a State Preserve north of Edgewood where you can enjoy the rustic and peaceful landscape.

The North Entrance to Backbone State Park will welcome you to Iowa's oldest and most popular State Park.

Backbone State Park was dedicated in 1920. The park is named for its narrow and steep ridge of dolomite/limestone the "Devil's Backbone". Backbone consists of 2,002 acres and is heavily wooded with a variety of tree species, predominantly oak and maple. This woodland serves as a valuable refuge for a variety of wildlife including deer, raccoon, fox, turkey, ruffed grouse and many species of songbirds.

You'll take the long way around to the town of Dundee which you will see is "Tiny is Size and Mighty in Pride."  It is home to Delaware County's Freedom Rock.

Pedal quickly past St. Albert Cemetery. It's soon to be Halloween…........

Backbone State Park invites you to see other views of the park entering at its west gate. Primitive camping and the CCC Museum are at this entrance.

Return north to Strawberry Point and Inger Park.  Unless… continue on for 40 more fun filled miles!

Point 88 is a curvey and hilly 40 mile challenge after you complete the first 48 miles described previously. What you will eventually experience is the highest and most scenic gravel road in Clayton County where the view goes on for miles. You'll "enjoy" one level B road on your way to the "summit". You can do it!!  It's not all downhill from there, but you are returning back to Strawberry Point. (not the most direct route, but what would be the fun it that?)


Our 88 Mile route link-

Our 48 Mile route link-

Our 28 Mile route link-


Strawberry Point Inger Park

Corner of West Spring and Park Avenue Streets
Strawberry Point, IA 52076


Cost is $40 per race, no matter how long you want to challenge yourself!  Register on BikeReg please.

The race is sponsored by Point Vision, a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), group created to provide improvements to the city of Strawberry Point that all can enjoy. Our current project is revamping the crumbling tennis court into a pickleball court. Come enjoy the ride for a good cause!


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