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Fri Jun 09 2006 - Sun Jun 11 2006 noon 06/09/2006 - 5 pm 06/11/2006


cedar rapids public Library, Beams Auditorium. SAT June 10 contact Mark Garvey 319-362-5135 for details
Cedar Rapids, IA




EIEI 06 is over and the dust has settled enough to relate how it went. I think all involved had a good time and learned some things as well as enjoyed meeting and greeting other cyclists and HPV people. I will not tell you my troubles, but the delay in reporting on this involves a major move by my youngest daughter and her fiancée. A flooded bathroom, a broken toilet, other broken pottery, a minor argument with my DSL service provider that left me without internet service intermittently for several days at a time. When the DSL worked, the phone didn't. When the phone worked, the DSL was down! Arrrgh! Also this has been a busy season for my other small enterprise which is performing Magic and Balloon animals for local children. It also coincided with a huge increase of work load at my job involving several days of 14-16 hour work days (wish I got PAID for the extra time!) But that is the basic synopsis of my life since June 12! It is now July 1 and I am JUST getting to sit down and write up the notes from the program.

First of all I have discovered that actually such an endeavor is what might fall under the heading of "interesting". Certainly not restful! I had a lot of sleepless nights, and all, but this isn't about ME, it is about the event. For me the event started something like 9 months ago when I decided to keep this thing alive after the first year. Believe it or not, I am starting basic planning for EIEI 007 already. Maybe I can get ahead of it this time enough that I don't feel like it is nipping at my heels! If anyone has an idea for corporate sponsors, it would be a nice thing to know eh? help? Read the rest of the report


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This is the SECOND annual Midwest Velomobile and HPV conference. Emphasis is on Velomobiles and transportation cycling. CLinics on Aerodynamics, Streamliners, fairing construction and other subjects to be announced. We will accept ANY HPV! Emphasis will be on Velomobiles, but will not exclude anyone. Last year we had a WIDE variety of bikes, trikes and velomobiles. We hope for more this year. Sponsors of the ride so far are Tricruiser Trikes of San diego and WizWheelz Trikes of Hastings Mich. Mother earth News and RTR will cover the event for their publications


there will be no "official" ride, but ride routes will be sugggested for those who wish to ride and there will be test rides of various velomobiles and other bikes and trikes. there will be a "practical HPV competition" on the last day of teh conference, and test rides fo various bikes and trikes will be encouraged.


cedar rapids public Library, Beams Auditorium. SAT June 10 contact Mark Garvey 319-362-5135 for details

500 1 st SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403



Mark Garvey 4016 Vine Ave SE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 1-319-362-5135


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