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Fri Dec 04 2015 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


el Bait Shop
Des Moines, IA


Yukon Cornelius and Krampus


Well, ride one of the DSM Blizzard Ride series is in the bag. Couple of lessons learned. First, let the snow depth dictate the destination. Second, even Fatbikes have some issues in 6 inches of powder. Third, and I'm surprised to say this, even Fireball wouldn't have helped much.

Still, it really was beautiful out and 4 hearty souls had fun (6 if you count the 2 riders who arrived a bit late for the group launch).
Going to continue the rolling circus for most of the snow storms this winter. Thanks to Scott Sumpter/Bikeiowa, El Bait Shop and Orlandos. — with Arik Peterson at Orlondo's.

See ya at the next Blizzard!

Yukon Cornelius


Party Ride

Distance - 11 Miles

OK People! It's ALMOST on. The second year of DSM Blizzard Ride will take place on the next blizzard (wedding getting the way of this one) at el Bait Shop! Dress for success (and survival).  Tentative departure at 5:30 to 5:45, so be sure your lights are charged. See you there!

Strike a blow for freedom over the tyranny of winter!  Bust out your Fatty or throw some studded tires on your mountain bike!  These rides will go off during or right after blizzards.  Of course there is no telling when these storms will be rolling in.  I will be giving as much advanced notice as possible before the rides go off.  Here is the general plan.


Storm on WEEKDAY - meet at el Bait Shop at 5

Storm on WEEKEND - meet at el Bait Shop at 1


We will progress toward Confluence Brewing and then to Orlando’s.  You can head back to El Bait Shop on your own clock.  Confluence said they would be open unless it's a true “Snowpocalypse”.  Orlando’s laughed and said, “We’re ALWAYS open!”  Bruno at el Bait smiled and said, "We'll warm up the tap handles". 

Be sure to have your lights and be geared up for winter riding.  If you don’t feel like riding, just come and laugh at the happy riders at each location.  Handups by non-riders on the route would be appreciated.  No prizes will be awarded for snow angels, snow women/men, or other shenanigans. 

 Email seems to be the easiest way to keep everyone in the loop (and BIKEIOWA of course).  Please email me at and I will email updates when the storms look like the real deal.  Of course I won’t be sharing your email with any marketing trolls.   


el Bait Shop past Mulletts on the Meredith Trail (stop in and hydrate if needed) to Confluence Brewing (Gray's Lake Bypass), thru Waterworks to Orlando's.


el Bait Shop

200 SW 2nd Street
Des Moines, IA 50309



No registration cost, but it may cost you a blackened nose or toes if you don't dress appropriately.  


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