ERIK’S is excited to announce our agreement with Greg Rasmussen to purchase Rasmussen Bicycle Shop!

The Rasmussen West Des Moines location will join ERIK’S current collection of locations in Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, and Wisconsin in spreading the love of cycling. The transaction is expected to occur on May 9, 2018. Greg and I have worked together to ensure a win-win scenario for Greg and his staff at Rassy’s, while continuing fantastic service to long time friends and customers of the shop.

Through the 2018 cycling season, Rasmussen Bicycle Shop will continue to operate as is with the same great staff. You will see the same faces! We are stoked that Sterling will remain as manager of the store, with Adam as his assistant, leading the current Rassy’s crew! Greg, will also be around to assist with the transition.

All of the rides, including the Monday Night No Drop Ride and Summerset Shoot-out, will not change.

Rest assured, we will continue with what has made Rassy’s a great shop and a great friend to the cycling community. We aren’t going to mess with that!

The following is from Greg:

After 44 years of being a family business in West Des Moines, Iowa, Rasmussen Bike Shop will be changing ownership. My family and I am excited for this transition in my life and working with Erik and his team has been great. I am super confident in the transition, employees are on board, and we are comfortable that the commitment to family and fun that Rassy's has been known for will be taken to the next levelas ERIK’S transitions the store. They are great stewards and promoters of the cycling lifestyle and we are going to see a great deal of new opportunity coming our way from a shop with locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kansas.

We hope that what you WILL see is everyone trying to make it an even better shop!

Here is some brief info on ERIK’S.

ERIK’S was founded by Erik Saltvold in his parents’ barn 41 years ago (in 1977) when he was only 13 years-old. Erik’s is 100% independently owned. ERIK’S has grown into a collection of award winning stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, and soon to be Iowa! ERIK’S has been recognized as America’s best bike shop, and has won several Top Retailer and Gold Star Retailer awards from Bicycle Retailer and local media.

Everyone at ERIK’S is passionate about cycling and providing outstanding service! We are excited to work with Rasmussen staff and customers to make this a smooth transition for all. ERIK’S will continue the legacy of great service and selection to cyclists throughout the Des Moines area, plus offer ERIK’S great selection of product, value, and services to cyclists of all skill levels and riding styles! It’s everything you loved about Rassy’s, with even more!

ERIK’S and Rassy’s have partnered with great brands such as Specialized, Bianchi, Masi, Salsa, and Haro bicycles to bring a fantastic selection of cycling products to riders. ERIK’S is a recognized industry leader with award winning service and a 41-year history of operational excellence. We look forward to bringing a wider selection of the products you love to the Des Moines area cycling community.

ERIK’S is a strong supporter of cycling. We are excited to enhance Iowa cycling by partnering with local cycling groups and advocacy organizations.

We all look forward to seeing you!

Founder and Owner, ERIK’S

Here is a list of questions you may have. (FAQ):

Q: Who can I contact at ERIK’S with questions?

A: If you have ANY concerns, please ask! For general questions, please reach out to Steve Parsons ( or feel free to connect with Erik (

Q: When does ERIK’S officially take over?

A: We expect to take over May 9, 2018. We will need to close for 2 days to conduct inventory, but will have repair services available to you during this time. We will reopen on May 10, still Rassy’s for the remainder of 2018.

Q: Will ERIK’S employees replace Rassy Staff?

A: No, you will continue to see the same great Rassy staff!

Q: What changes for the customer?

A: It’s Rasmussen, only better! We will continue to honor Rasmussen gift cards and service bikes that were purchased from the store with the same benefits.

Q: What about career opportunities at ERIK’S?

A: ERIK’S is a growing company and that creates opportunities to grow your career in cycling! See for available opportunities. If you love Bikes, we would love to connect.

Q: How do you invest in the people at ERIK’S?

A: We really believe in investing in our staff!
ERIK’S Training is a unique asset and one you will not find anywhere else in our industry. All new staff and existing staff undergo extensive product and operational training. This is handled by a team of trainers for both sales and service.

Q: What changes for the Team and Club alliances?

A: We will continue to honor any discounts that have been arranged. We also intend to continue the relationships that have worked so well for both teams, clubs, members, and Rassy’s. We believe that this has been a strength and we are eager to maintain and enhance these relationships and programs.

Q: Tell me more about your events and advocacy efforts?

A: We believe in event marketing, advocacy and promoting the sport of cycling! We look forward to supporting the great rides in the Iowa area. Our current efforts include support of groups such as: NICA, local mountain bike advocacy groups, statewide bicycle advocacy groups, etc. ERIK’S believes in supporting the sport! Learn more at

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