• Posted Mar 2, 2019

Ask yourself a simple question: “What would my summers and my life be like without RAGBRAI?”

Could you imagine? No, we couldn’t either! BIKEIOWA would certainly NOT be what it is today. BIKEIOWA was spawned because of our love of RAGBRAI.

As our way to give back to the event that shaped our lives, BIKEIOWA will match donations (up to $1000 total) made during March 2019.

RAGBRAI is an iconic Iowa treasure as will be the statue titled "RAGBRAI: River to River". Thebronze and aluminum statue will feature abstract renderings of the two newspapermen alongside long, undulating strips representing the rolling hills of Iowa and dozens of circular rings standing in for bicycle rims.

RAGBRAI has had a profound impact on our lives and BIKEIOWA and we are asking you and your team to join us to help fund a lasting monument, thanking Donald Kaul and John Karras, the men who co-founded this life-changing bike ride that brings us joy each summer!

This statue will be a destination for folks from all over the world to visit and pay homage to RAGBRAI founders Kaul and Karras.


Make a donation in March 2019 and BIKEIOWA will match the donation (up to $1000 total).

When you donate, in the "Tribute Gift " area, choose "on Behalf of Our RAGBRAI Team Club" and be sure that you add the words "BIKEIOWA MATCH" in the description. You can also add your team name in there too.

Suggested donations - $10-$20 for every RAGBRAI you've attended, but of course you can always give more or less too!


The statue will cost about $200,000, said T.J. Juskiewicz, RAGBRAI director and one of the project’s ringleaders.

RAGBRAI, which kicked in funds to see the statue through its initial stages, promised to throw $30,000 and proceeds from this year's Pigtails and BACooN rides toward the piece.


More about the statue
that has been culminating for nearly a decade.





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