• Posted Jun 5, 2019

Go LOG those miles with our new Logger collection

We always do a few new designs each Spring. This year we went with a "lumber-jack" themed design this year. It’s got Buffalo plaid with a unique diamond "rip-stop" pattern, a messy hand-sewn leather-lookin' BIKEIOWA logo and nearly hidden twin axes on the lower back!

We think this is an exciting collection that brings a new look to an old style. Go LOG those Miles in the new Logger Collection...

View the whole 'Logger' Collection

Small Batch

If you've been following us, you know we like to do unique designs in small batches. That's why we offer a small Pre-order window so you can order exactly what you want in the size you want.
We like to be unique and so do you. We intentionally keep our inventory low so no need for thousands of these designs to be out there. Once these are gone, we'll dream up something else and do it all over again. We still enjoy the design process.

Wear one piece alone, or get matchy with the Cycling Cap, Crew Shirt, Men's Jersey, or Women's Gemini Tank Top. Check out all of BIKEIOWA's apparel.

Large Sizes

If you need a larger size, order it now because we will not carry many 3x sizes, and we won't order any extra 4x and 5x sizes. So now is your time if you like the design and know you need a larger size!


Online ordering will be open Thursday, June 6th through Sunday, June 9th at 5pm! Order now and make sure to get the size you want!

YES - Only a few days to pre-order because we have to order soon!. Delivery is expected late the second week in July and we'll ship ASAP. If you order additional items, they will be shipped as one order when these arrive. We will have some on RAGBRAI and we will NOT carry this item in normal inventory unless there are left-overs. #SmallBatch


Where else can I buy?

Sorry, we are a small entity. If you don't pre-order, we will have a some at the RAGBRAI Expo, and we'll be out on route all week with Mr. Pork Chop and the Iowa Beer Bus. We will NOT be in the overnight towns (more to come on our locations in early July).

We will NOT put the Logger Collection back on the BIKEIOWA store unless we have extras after RAGBRAI.

Primal Wear Inc.

THANKS to our friends at Primal! They have always been AWESOME to work with - especially on this design given the the stitch and leather pattern was so unique. We went through several renditions before we arrived at this color and a stitch pattern that looked good on the buffalo plaid. We received a few real fabric samples and are super-excited to see this design come to fruition! if you need any apparel for your team, club, etc. they are the ones to call!


Any questions? email us via the Contact Us Link.






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