On Sunday, March 27th 2022, all 36 towns towns for RAGBRAI XLIX are now on the map

2022 ride will take place from July 23 – 30, 2022 and is the 49th annual bicycle ride across the state. This includes the day-long RAGBRAI Expo in our first Overnight Town, and seven days of cycling as riders head to the Mississippi.

RAGBRAI, Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is more than just a bike ride. It is an epic seven-day bicycling adventure that tests endurance, showcases community and builds lasting friendships.

The longest, largest and oldest bicycle touring event in the world it is one-third bicycling, two-thirds fun!


The 2022 pass through towns were announced on Sunday, March 27th 2022

The 462-mile, July 24-30 ride, with12,945 feet of climb, will be the firstsince 1984 to feature a 100-mile Century Day, instead of anoptional added-mileage loop.

The RAGBRAI route is still subject to revision pending an inspection ride by RAGBRAI officials and guests in June. Detailed route maps will be released in June or July.

Here is a look at each day: Check out RAGBRAI's newly announced pass-through and meeting towns with details, highlights

More: What to know about the towns on RAGBRAI 2022, from Sergeant Bluff to Lansing

Day 1, Sunday, July 24

Miles: 53.2
Feet of climb: 2,545

Anthon - Meeting town

Day 2, Monday, July 25

Miles: 71.2 miles
Feet of climb: 1,694

Newell - Meeting town

Day 3, Tuesday, July 26

Miles: 56.4
Feet of climb: 756

West Bend - Meeting town

Day 4, Wednesday, July 27

Miles: 105
Feet of climb: 1,699

Britt - Meeting town

Day 5 – Thursday July 28

Miles: 47.9
Feet of climb: 1,260

Marble Rock - Meeting town

Day 6 – Friday July 29

Miles: 63
Feet of Climb: 2,025

Lawler - Meeting town

Day 7 – Saturday, July 30

Miles: 65.4
Feet of Climb: 2,966

Postville - Meeting town



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