• Posted Jan 13, 2023

Barr Bike has been a locally owned family business serving Des Moines for 132 years.

The origins of Barr Bike can be traced back to Ernest D. Kenyon, born 1865, who in 1891, started his own bicycle shop at 205 6th avenue, in Des Moines, Iowa, called "Kenyon Bicycle Manufacturing Company". He sold this business to Redhead, Norton, Lathrop & Rhoads in 1894, and they subsequently renamed the business "Pacemaker Bicycle Manufacturing Company". This venture was one of the several businesses that included Hopkins Sporting Goods store. (view vintage photos and more history here: History of Barr Bike & Fitness (BIKEIOWA Feature from Nov 2014)

Per Bike World's, Jan 12th 2023 Facebook Post
The Hoss family have owned Barr Bike & Fitness since 1956 and are passing the torch to the Ridgways, owners of Bike World. "It's the American dream" says Cathryn Hoss of Barr Bike. "We've been friendly competitors for most of our adult lives, with the emphasis on friendly."

Bike World is proud to continue a shop with the legacy of Barr.

Bike World will be maintaining many of their key brands such as Cannondale and Terra Trike. Hopefully we can add some Bike World special sauce to the mix.

Bike World has been Iowa's Local Bike Shop, supporting the sport since 1979 and currently has 3 locations; Ames, Urbandale and their West Des Moines Store.

Bike World has been a BIKEIOWA Sponsor since May 2001 (View sponsor page)



It is pretty cool to think that there is a bicycle shop in Des Moines open today that has roots from over 100 years ago and has the history to prove it.

Barr Bike & Fitness was one of the BIKEIOWA's first sponsors. They have been a sponsor since May 2005 and we have enjoyed their partnership ever since.

VIEW their Sponsor Page before we combine it with Bike World.

VIEW all the hundreds of mentions of "Barr Bike", "Barr Bicycle" AND "Bike World" over the years on BIKEIOWA.

photo credit - Bike World

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