• Posted Jul 15, 2002

A reminder to sport your Red White and Blue attire on Wednesday (Forest City to Charles City)
  • Remember those who lost their lives during the September 11th tragedies...
  • Remember those who's familes were lost on that day...
  • Remember those who are part of the Armed Forces who keep the peace and the freedom.
  • Remember the Moran Benefit held Jan 19th 2002 hosted by Iowa cyclists where almost $50,000 was raised for the family of a fellow RAGBRAIer and fire Chief for the FDNY who lost his life on 9-11...
  • Remember 'Team Escape from New York'. Many of them are police and firefighters in New York City...
  • Remember that Life is short.. Enjoy the RAGBRAI experience, and talk about it afterwards until your non-RAGBRAI friends are sick of hearing you talk about it!! :)

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