• Posted Nov 17, 2004

Where did www.dmbikeracing go?

Well, sucks to be you.

You come to to look for inspiration and motivation, instead, finding my incoherent ramblings a la that formerly overweight Playboy model (Anna Nicole, right?) last weekend on the AMA who hit a few too many of Snoop Dogg's brownies.

Well, fresh off the gossip circuit is that Lisa Vetterlein has hit the big time (sort of) and has joined the Kenda Womens Team for 2005. Congratulations to Lisa and look forward to some big results ~ QC'05?

Remember when you're passing out accolades, but you read it here first that J-Mac has gone 'Postal' back in May. Did anyone else have that scoop back then? Nope. But then again, he probably thinks I'm some sort of stalker, the way that I go on...and on... and on about him. Sorta like Lieswyn and the restraining order he has on me. Another story, though.

Cyclocross continues to be the big success this fall, averaging nearly fifty racers an event. The Cross Mafia hosted it's first November event last weekend and saw over forty racers (expecting half that many!). Keep up the sickness!

Anyhoo, I'm ready to call it a day and get home for some turbo-training fun to get ready for the Living History Farms run this weekend and the December cross races.

See you on the road!


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