• Posted Jul 6, 2008

When riding your bike everywhere just isn't enough

ironically enough - this is from Backpacker Blogs Here in Colorado, we're steeped and well-versed in the traditions of cycling fanatics. Verily, the town of Boulder alone is a biking mecca on par with anything that Austin, Portland, or San Francisco could offer. But it takes another level of two-wheeled obsession to go ahead and make that leap into permanent bike love: The Cycling Tattoo. Squirrel at Squirrels Cycling in Des Moines, Iowa has done us all the great service of collecting a huge archive of cycling-themed tattoos. Peruse the gallery for just a minute and you'll realize that whatever original cycling tattoo idea you thought you had has been done ten times over. Odes to fixed-gears? Done. Harry Potter on a bike? Done. An unexpected synergy between the Life is Good logo, a chain ring, and a tropical frog? Done. Clever plays on pop culture and bikes? Done and Done. I'm not sure hiking or backpacking inspires the type of ink-love that biking does, but I'm waiting to be proven wrong. If you've got a boot tattooed on your thigh, Half Dome splayed across your back, or something similar, do send us a shot, OK? — Ted Alvarez Cycling Tattoo Gallery Check out Squirrel's personal blog at

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