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Check out T-Shirt Graphix's new lines of Beaverdale and cycling apparel at the Beaverdale Festival on Sept 19th-21st

T-Shirt Graphix is the company behind all the apparel, and has been for over 8 years. You have become familiar with their work through the different bicycle shirts on throughout the years. Keep reading for a story on how T-Shirt Graphix helped BIKEIOWA debut back in 2001. Now it is my turn to return the favor. Please help welcome them to their new location.
inside Shop PhotoEd and Jen Veak, owners of T-Shirt Graphix, are avid life-cyclists who enjoy all types of cycling from commuting to recreational rides to triathlons. Ed & Jen have lived in Beaverdale for years and liked the area so much they decided to open up a retail location in the bicycle-friendly Beaverdale Neighborhood for their growing T-Shirt business called T-Shirt Graphix. As soon as you walk in the door, you'll notice a warm and colorful flair with an industrial undertone. You'll immediately notice the retro gas station numbers, the old trike, the metal and wood mix, the funk lighting and the big Macintosh monitors. They have been operating in this location for months now, and will officially open their doors for retail business on Saturday Sept 20th during the Beaverdale Fall Festival. There are located at 3629 Beaver Avenue in Des Moines right across from "Kelleys On Beaver" a local cycling hangout.
Where to see T-Shirt Graphix? outside Shop Photo
  • 3629 Beaver Avenue (map) Des Moines, IA 50310 Weekdays 10am-5pm Xtra Fall Festival Hours - Sat 9am-3pm
  • Beaverdale Fall Festival Look for their booth on Beaver Ave. during the festival. they will be selling Beaverdale apparel and will have coupons on hand for 10% off in-store purchases and future orders.
  • Beaverdale Parade Look for their float in the parade decorated with T-Shirts and playing the Funk. They will be handing out goodie (canvas) bags and coupons! (the parade ends less than 1/2 block from their store location. Stop by!)

T-Shirt Graphix Specialties Ed & Jen want to strongly represent Beaverdale and Biking. Look for a strong Beaverdale Neighborhood presence with lots of unique shirt designs relating to the Beaverdale area. Be sure to check out the in-store BIKEIOWA kiosk loaded with bicycle-related shirts coming in October. outside Shop Photo Although they love bicycling and Beaverdale, they offer a Custom screen printing & design. They can print anything from 1 shirt to 5000 shirts. Small Runs: YES Rush Orders: YES Digital Printing: YES. Event T-shirts, Uniforms, Jerseys, Sweats, Graphic T's, Jackets, Caps and Team Shirts are just some of T-Shirt Graphix specialties. Get lit up with T-Shirt Graphix - My favorite T-Shirt Graphix specialty if Reflective Ink. This ink can be so subtle on the shirt and then with a little bit of light or a camera flash, the shirt comes to life! You have seen this on several BIKEIOWA shirts over the years. Jen has added a feminine flair to the shop by insisting on offering female specific T-Shirt and girlie tank tops which the females love! A new digital printer was added that allows digital quality photos to be printed onto T-Shirts. This also allows for one-off shirts and real-life looking photos!
BIKEIOWA & T-Shirt Graphix I have known Ed and Jen way before there was a Even before We used to ride together a ton a back in 2000 and 2001. I began to develop the first phase of and was looking for a way to let people know about the site. One night after a few beers and some brainstorming, we decided to debut at the 2001 Mayor's ride in Des Moines. A few days before the ride, Ed printed up 100 CIBROC shirts. We rolled each shirt up into the size of a burrito and hauled them to the Mayor's ride in a small bicycle trailer. Once at the ride, we began hurling the shirts into the crowd just before it started. What fun! What a way to let people know there was a new cycling site! That debut started a partnership with Ed & Jen that has lasted over 8 years. Ed believed in the BIKEIOWA vision back then and I believe they still put out the best custom shirts in Iowa. Together, we have printed over 40 BIKEIOWA designs and I know they have printed apparel for countless RAGBRAI, volleyball, softball and other teams. They have always been great to work with and I value the friendship that has grown over the years. btw - CIBROC stands for "Central Iowa Bike Rides Organizations & Clubs" for those who didn't follow the site before
BIKEIOWA kiosk In October, there will be a kiosk in the store that will offer shirts and other bicycling designs all year round. How cool is that?!? BIKEIOWA will be posting the new designs for people to out of town to order. There is hopes of offering trails maps and other bicycle information here too.
What can T-Shirt Graphix do for YOU? "Turn Ideas into Apparel" T-Shirt Graphix can takes your ideas and turns them into wearable apparel. These are just a few ideas how T-Shirt Graphix can help YOU! T-Shirt Graphix Coupon
  • Biking Team
  • Special event shirts
  • Charity rides
  • Work events
  • Family reunions
  • Sport Teams
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette shirts
  • Employee uniforms
  • Reflective vests
  • Bandannas
  • Caps
  • small Flags
  • one-off shirts
  • Identity package
  • Logo Creation
  • and much more!

Where is T-Shirt Graphix?
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What can T-Shirt Graphix do do YOU? Here are some of the bicycle related designs the T-Shirt Graphix has designed and printed over the years.

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