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But making the law more strict is a necessary step toward changing culture and habits. Safety advocates say driving drunk and not wearing seat belts used to be considered unremarkable choices,


In less than a month, the 2024 Iowa Legislature will begin its work, even before the Iowa Caucuses. We can expect divisive proposals to soak up a lot of time and attention, but here’s a wish for lawmakers to quickly take one simple, popular and overdue action for the sake of everybody’s safety.

It’s long past time to make it illegal for drivers to use a phone or any other handheld electronic device while driving. Legislation to make that happen has stalled out several times, including in 2023.

Scholars debate the precise contribution of distracted driving to deaths and severe injuries on the road. But almost all the reasons drivers get distracted — reading a text, navigating a call, thinking that a stretch of open highway is familiar and deserted enough to permit watching a video — boil down to impatience or boredom.






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