From Utah to Oklahoma, these series offer a great way to stay committed and find community.

One-off gravel races are fun and all, but what if you can keep the spirit of gravel going again and again? Gravel race series’ are the perfect opportunity for competition and camaraderie that aren’t over when that *one* race ends.

Gravel’s healthy global ecosystem means that race series are flourishing all over the world. Organizers take the general concept — 3 or more gravel races bound by some type of points system — and put their own spin on it. The result is something that locals can get stoked about and visitors may even consider spending some gas money to get to.


Iowa Gravel Series, Iowa

The Iowa Gravel Series started with one race in 2020, then grew to five over the next three years. For 2024, there are seven races on the calendar.

The series has grown by more than numbers, as well. Each race has a 50k and 100k bike option, as well as a Friday run. Riders can choose from a very generous a la carte menu of options, from the entree-size option of the bike race, meal, and t-shirt to just the bike race itself. Bike race + run is also an option.

Iowa Gravel Series board member Ian Breitlow says that the races are held in small towns across Iowa that have a unique geography and community that attracts cyclists.

“The Iowa Gravel Series has always been about having a great day in the saddle. We’re using gravel roads to connect people with communities through fitness and adventure,” Breitlow says.

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