Organizers seeking to build a BMX track in the Des Moines metro are asking for help paying for a study to determine details of the proposal, including where the track might go.

Among leaders of the effort is John Lickteig, board president of Iowa Central BMX, whose son is a BMX racer.

"Currently, we travel as much as we can to get in as much racing as we can during the winter," Lickteig. "We've spent the last four weekends on the road, and we'll spend again this weekend on the road. Then we have a weekend off and then we go to a national event."


Luke Hoffman, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, which is partnering on the project, said the track could be a place to host educational and advocacy programs. The immediate goal is to raise $47,000 for a feasibility study.


The goal of the feasibility study is to identify a potential location for the track, come up with a design that can serve riders of all skill levels, and devise a sustainable business plan. According to the Iowa Central BMX fundraising page for the project, CSL International, a sports, entertainment, convention and leisure industry consultancy, has been tapped to conduct the study.

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