Over the past year, Des Moines Parks and Recreation observed record-high trail usage, indicating a remarkable utilization of our city trails, and underscoring their crucial role in promoting community wellness and connectivity.

In 2023, Des Moines' trails collectively welcomed an impressive 3,245,643 users, with an average of 8,868 daily visitors. Notably, Gray's Lake, Bill Riley, and Meredith Trail emerged as the most traveled routes among residents and visitors alike with Gray’s Lake trails seeing 876,376 users on its’ own.

Recognizing the immense value of our trail system, the City invites residents to rally behind their preservation and enhancement efforts by participating in the 2024 Mayor's Annual Ride, a 22-mile bike ride, scheduled for May 4.

This event not only celebrates the beauty of the trails but also serves as a crucial fundraiser for maintenance and development. Proceeds from the event will directly support ongoing maintenance efforts, future enhancements, and artwork along the corridors, ensuring that our trails remain accessible and enjoyable for generations to come.

Registration for the 36th Annual Mayor's Annual Ride is now open. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, all are welcome to pedal alongside avid cyclist and Mayor Pro-Tem, Carl Voss and fellow trail lovers. Together, let's pedal towards a brighter, more connected future for Des Moines at this family-friendly event.

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