• Thu April 20 2006
  • Posted Apr 20, 2006
WANTED - RACING PARTNER Central Iowa co-ed adventure racing team looking for a fourth partner for May 20 race near Brainerd, MN. Team is already entered. We have been together for over a year and completed several races. Our navigation skills are decent, so anyone joining us doesn't need to worry about that. Races generally consist of 6-8 hours, and cover 40-50 miles. Most of the time and distance is on mountain bikes, mainly gravel roads, but some trail riding and an occasional paved road. There is also usually some trail running or trekking, but speed is not essential - just keep moving! Paddling usually involves either canoes or inflatable kayaks, and often covers several miles and an hour or so of time. Some races also involve fixed rope work, such as rappelling or traverses - nothing real technical. Necessary equipment is a mountain bike, pack, fluid source such as CamelBak - race directors post gear lists. Anyone interested please contact me at work (267-5572) or home (274-2840) or e-mail (

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