• Fri August 04 2006
  • Posted Aug 4, 2006
Several of the Racing Team leave next Wed for a 100 mile mountain bike race (Saturday 8/12) in Leadville, CO. All will be gunning for a belt buckle (awarded to riders that break the 12 hour mark). A special 'mule' award is given to the last rider just before the 12 hour cut-off called the "Last A$$ Over The Pass". The Leadville Trail 100 is the highest 100mile mountain bike race in the country, beginning at 10,200ft and topping out at over 12,600ft! The race is limited to 750 cyclists, and entry is accepted via a lottery system in February. Of the 750 registered, between 1/3 and ½ ever see the finish line in under 12 hours. The course is an out and back route, with 5 major climbs along the way, topping out at over 12,600 feet at the Columbine Mine Pass. Most intimidating is the Powerline Climb, with a three mile ascent directly under a powerline cut, straight up Sugarloaf Mtn. Listed below are the DSM area cyclists tackling this race of endurance: • Jason Alread (the one to catch, if he can avoid crashes and attacks from wild dogs, 2nd Leadville) • Ben Garrett (strong as a horse, Leadville virgin) • Brain Benson (the dark horse as he trains in his closet, Leadville virgin) • PJ Harrigan (Phoenix, AZ, Des Moines native, 3rd Leadville) • Dave Fish (2nd Leadville) • Mable tandem (Dave & Dee, 2nd Leadville for Dave)* • Logan tandem (Jim & Sally, 2nd Leadville for Jim)* • Brent Mitchell (3rd Leadville) * The boys so enjoyed Leadville in 2004, they decided to put their wives on the bike with them this time. Tandems are a rare breed in Leadville, with only 2-4 entrants per year! David Mable Read one man's 2005 account of Leadville

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