• Wed August 16 2006
  • Posted Aug 16, 2006
Two members of the Team Skin also participated in the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race on Saturday summary, August 12th in Leadville, CO Jeff Dullard finished in 10 hours and 28 minutes and James Jorgensen finished in 10 hours and 39 minutes.
Here are some Deeper Thoughts by JJ: I’m back in Iowa after a terrific 3 weeks on the bike. Another great RAGBRAI, followed by two great weeks in Colorado, capped off with the Race Across the Sky, the Leadville 100. Race motto – “Dig Deep” – and they mean it. I finished in 10:39, eleven minutes behind Jeff D at 10:28. The race was everything it was cracked up to be – I loved it and would definitely go back. Where to start? All in all, I was pretty pleased with my time, 84th in the 30-39 age group, 248th overall out of about 750. 455 racers finished under 12 hours. I was told that it was the lowest percentage of finishers in the 13 year history of the race, due probably to weather conditions. My usual thought at the beginning of every race is “Surely, I’m the slowest person here.” Well, at least for one day, I was faster than a few people. Wonders never cease. Read the rest...
I believe this makes 12 Iowans who raced at Leadville! Leadville Photos from Team Skin. Read the Team Race Summary here.

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