• Tue August 21 2007
  • Posted Aug 21, 2007
By DICK JOHNSON, MASON CITY — That new footbridge going in over the Winnebago River in East Park will be known as the Winnebago River Trail Bridge. The name was made official this week by the Mason City Parks and Recreation Board during its monthly meeting. The bridge will span the Winnebago from near the deer pen in East Park to a spot near the Mason City Family Aquatic Center, connecting bike trails leading to the Lime Creek Nature Center and North Iowa Area Community College. It is about 25 percent finished, Recreation Superintendent Dan Brown said. Abutments have been poured on the south side of the river, and abutments are being formed on the north side. The completion deadline is Oct. 31. The project, begun in early July, will cost about $537,779. It was first proposed in 1968. “I’m just really happy that we’re going to get it done,” Brown said. “It’s a really good project. The safety for the kids is going to be so much better than crossing on Kentucky or Carolina (avenues). “It’s just going to be a nice amenity for the city, and it’s nice that we got all these grants to be able to do it,” he said. Discussion also was held regarding a memorial at the site, dedicated to the work of past Park Board members and contributors.

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