• Mon July 07 2008
  • Posted Jul 7, 2008
A trip across the entire United States is something few people get to experience and even fewer on a bicycle. Larry Newman, originally of Shenandoah, is doing just that. He is part of a bicycle crew that is cycling from Seattle, Wash. to Portland, Maine. Newman, who currently lives in Montana, has been active his whole life. He began bicycling after several years of running marathons when the "aches and pains" became too much. "Cycling is much less abusive," admits Newman. While many people spend their spare time inside, Newman has always enjoyed being active. For him, it's almost a "habit" to keep moving. Newman has been on several cross-state tours, including ones in California, Utah and Iowa's RAGBRAI. "RAGBRAI is unique. All of these other states have tried to do something similar but nobody has been able to do what they do. I think it's because the communities are so supportive," commented Newman on the success of the annual RAGBRAI event. Newman heard about the cross-country bicycle ride in an advertisement in a magazine. "Everyone on this tour is new to each other. None of us knew each other," said Newman of his new friends and fellow cyclists. Newman, who is semi-retired as a Consultant for a company he is a partner in, has been fortunate enough to travel with work and take his bicycle along for the ride. In fact, Newman has toured in several other countries, including; France, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, England and Ireland. "I think southern France is about as good as it gets because the weather is more reliable," said Newman on his favorite place, so far, to have cycled. Although touring on a bicycle has many perks, it's the people who seem to make the ride worthwhile for Newman. "I love touring. I get to go out and see places and meet people. It's neat because you get to meet the locals. The people you meet along the way that you talk to make the trip." Newman's ride across America is a planned 61-day ride, covering 3,800 miles.

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