• Tue July 15 2008
  • Posted Jul 15, 2008
Mama's Back and do we have a show for you! Mama is bringing a full-time bicycle repair shop for your convenience - set up on site every day. And that's not all. We have Porta Potties! That's right, not one, but TWO! And you thought miracles couldn't happen. Tuesday is "BikeIowa Day" - to celebrate we're adding Pancakes to our buffet line at no extra charge. Our Tres Chiquitas return to help you with your Spanish. Plus, we've brought in a celebrity cook - Chef from South Park. Don't forget - beat the line and buy an express-line meal ticket - good for 7 breakfasts any day or days. Got 6 buddies, you could all eat the same day with no waiting. A limited number of tickets are available the first day at a discount. Go to the express line and pay the cashier. If you're a newbie to Mama Ralphael's, here's what to expect: A make-your-own super breakfast burrito with fresh scrambled eggs (not powdered, not from a carton), pork sausage, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, salsa, jalapenos and hot sauces. On the side: biscuits and sausage gravy, old fashioned oatmeal with all the fixins, southern grits, or any combination your appetite desires. If you want gravy on your burrito, or eggs on your grits, we won't stop you. To drink, besides the best coffee on RAGBRAI, you can also have cocoa, tea, real orange juice or grape juice, or milk: whole, 2%, skim, or chocolate. Just want a bowl of oatmeal? - ask for the "cereal bar" and we'll accommodate. Here's our schedule:
  • Day 1 - 8 miles out, on right
  • Day 2 - 9.5 miles out, on right
  • Day 3 - 5 miles out, on right
  • Day 4 - 11 miles out, on left
  • Day 5 - 8.3 miles out, on left
  • Day 6 - 6.7 miles out, on right
  • Day 7 - 5.25 miles out, on left
If you just want to stop for coffee and sweetrolls, or help stir the oatmeal, not a problem. See you all on RAGBRAI! Mama Ralphael

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