• Tue August 11 2009
  • Posted Aug 10, 2009
Despite the critics, some big changes are in store for Ingersoll Avenue. The Des Moines City Council approved a plan for slower traffic, fewer lanes, and more room for bicyclists. Right now, Ingersoll is two lanes of traffic each way and two lanes for parking. Now, the city wants to paint some new lines and change traffic patterns there. Parking would remain on both sides, and the city would add a bike lane in each direction next to the parking lane. Next to that, the plan calls for just one lane of traffic in each direction with a left turn lane in the middle. The new lane configuration would take effect from Polk Boulevard all the way to MLK Jr. Parkway. But as you might guess not everyone is excited about the change. Business owners along Ingersoll asked for a change because they want more parking. But critics wonder if there will be room for 14,000 cars a day moving on just one lane each way. Both sides packed city hall to speak out. The council heard from more critics who worry about losing business on the street when drivers get fed up waiting behind slow-moving buses. "That's just going to slow traffic down, that will make people not want to use the street and that will hurt my business," said Subway owner Alex Langstraat. "If you open a car door, bikes get smashed there," said John McRoberts. But others say slowing down traffic is a good thing. "Ingersoll looks better now and has greater potential than every before," said Scott Galenbeck. And after a long debate, the council agreed. It's time to change the lanes, slow traffic and increase safety on Ingersoll. "We've make a heck of a lot of investment there, and we're not going to do anything to be detrimental to that," said Council Member Chris Hensley. The council took the first vote of three on changes to Ingersoll. There will be one more vote in two weeks and it appears it does have the votes to pass.

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