• Mon August 31 2009
  • Posted Aug 31, 2009
statewide The members, staff, and board of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition are saddened by the death of Mark Grgurich, 54, of Des Moines who was killed while riding his bicycle on G14 in Warren County on Sunday. The motorist who struck Grgurich left the scene and did not render aid and at this time remains unidentified. The driver fled the scene of the crash causing significant outrage in the greater community. “Everyone, cyclists and non-cyclists alike, are sickened by these events,” said Mark Wyatt of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. “People should render aid and alert authorities. Iowans don't do this to each other.” Although details are still being released, it appears Grgurich was riding alone and operating lawfully on a low traffic county road. Deputies report the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash. They also report the vehicle may be a white pickup truck with a ladder rack with possible damage to the front fender. Iowa law allows bicyclists to operate on all Iowa roadways except Interstate Highways. The statute was upheld by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2001. Reports indicate Grugrich was operating lawfully. Motorists and cyclists should keep the safety of others in mind when operating on Iowa roads. Motorists should scan ahead on the road and anticipate any conflicts that may arise. If a bicyclist is encountered, the motorist should slow their speed and carefully pass when safe to do so. Although there are no indications of unsafe operating by Grgurich, cyclists are urged to operate safely on the roadways. Wearing visible clothing, traveling with the flow of traffic, and riding away from the edge of the road are important to keeping cyclists visible. Motorists frequently forget to scan to the edge of the roadway for traffic. Bicyclists traveling too far to the right can blend in with the background and traveling further from the edge will make bicyclists more visible to overtaking traffic. A reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of the individual involved. The Warren County Sheriff's office is handling the investigation.

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