• Fri September 04 2009
  • Posted Sep 3, 2009
posted in the UK By Joe Bunyan Published: 1:03PM BST 04 Sep 2009 Web users have joined forces with police to crack a clue that could bring the killer of a cyclist to justice. Mark Grgurich, 54, was cycling in rural Iowa last Sunday when he was killed by a speeding truck. The vehicle, which has since been identified as a GMC or Chevrolet, fled the scene in what has been described as a typical hit and run incident. However, the impact of the crash caused part of the truck’s body to break off and police believe that this fragment may be the key to finding the wanted driver. The part contains a partial logo of which only the letter ‘E’ is clear, and police have submitted a photo of the piece onto, a motoring website, to call on the power of the internet to help them identify the design. The clue was quickly posted onto Digg prompting dozens of suggestions for the solution. Although the search for the killer is still at an early stage, the online detectives have made some progress. One, keviano, overlaid the unusually named Kurt Russel font onto the picture of the fragment to reveal a sound fit of the letter ‘h’ in front of the ‘e’. Others have suggested that the letters could be from the logo of an Iowa sports team such as the Iowa Hawkeyes athletics teams or the Des Moines Buccaneers ice hockey team. The investigation continues.

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