• Sat March 20 2010
  • Posted Mar 20, 2010
Colfax , IA Race Results: Iowa Spring Classic 3, Colfax 3/20/2010 The results are up for the Iowa Spring Classic #3 A big Classic thanks to DMOS for stepping up with the largest number of corner marshals who made the dangerous trek on slick roads to help me with putting on the race. 19 souls braved the 4-6 inches of snow and rode a reduced in length race but tough none-the-less. Also a big thanks to Valarie at Microtel for hosting and putting up with the usual mess from a sloppy race. See you all next year as I plan on doing this series again. M-P123 1 685 Steve Robinson 2 684 Matt Gumm 3 686 David Mable W-4 1 219 Leanne Buell 2pts 1 286 Kim Hopkins 2pts 1 287 Dee Mable 2pts 4 284 Rebecca Fletcher 1pt Yes that is a 3 way tie for 1st as all three ladies rolled across the finish at the same time! W-4 Overall, Leann and Rebecca please get in touch with me as soon as possible via email please, Brett. 3pts Leann Buell 2pts Rebecca Fletcher M-4/5 1 224 Nate Hicks 12pts 2 285 Vance Fletcher 11pts 3 225 Brad Bach 10pts 4 220 Gabe Geiger 9pts 5 283 Brad Patty 8pts 6 222 Andy Bach 7pts 7 288 Matt Scott 6pts 8 221 Steve Wiseman 5pts 9 217 William ReKemeyer 4pts 10 281 Rob McKillip 3pts 11 282 Jeff Burnett 2pts 12 223 Jason Alread 1pt M-4/5 Overall Gabe, Alex, and Vance please get in touch with me as soon as possible via email please, Brett. 1 33pts Gabe Geiger 2 31pts Alex Libin 3 29pts Vance Fletcher 4 28pts Andy Bach 5 24pts Austin Jones 6 20pts Scott Wilson 7 16pts Paul Sueppel 8 9pts Eric Jensen 9 9pts Rob McKillip

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