• Mon September 27 2010
  • Posted Sep 28, 2010
by B.A. Morelli Iowa City Press-Citizen Bike enthusiasts can tap into a new online resource for bicycling in Johnson County. Local bicycling leaders, who have joined forces as the Think Bicycles Coalition, have launched a new website focused on the interests of local cyclists. The website is live and can be found at “We are hoping this will be a hub for cyclists in the county,” said Brian Loring, cycling advocate and founder of the Iowa City Bike Library. The Red Avocado, 521 E. Washington St., hosts a benefit for the coalition from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday. A portion of the sales will be donated to the coalition. The website features a range of topics and resources that would be of interest to cyclists with a particular focus on all things local. That includes local biking news, a blog, photos, upcoming events, maps of popular routes, information about local shops and clubs and ways to advocate on local cycling issues. Users of the site can also post their own information on upcoming rides and events. A couple issue worthy of attention is progress on a local bike trail system and education about using bike lights and reflectors at night, Loring said. The website could also keep people up to date on ways to push biking issues, such as when a City Council candidate is speaking at a forum, he said. “We were interested in pulling all cycling interests under one umbrella, so there is a collective voice for cyclists in Johnson County on a number of matters, such as policy issues and other things related to cycling,” Loring said. The website comes from the efforts of local bike shops along with the Bike Library, Bicyclists of Iowa City, Bike to Work Committee, Johnson County Trails Foundation and Iowa Bicycle Coalition. Cyclists will also be able to follow Think Bicycles on Facebook and Twitter.

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