• Mon December 17 2012
  • Posted Dec 17, 2012
Just as we got the first round of BIKESEXUAL shirts packaged and shipped, we posted a photo,and instantly we started to get more emails and requests from folks who wanted one, but did not see the original pre-order posts...

We decided we cannot let BIKESEXUAL friends go empty handed can we ???
So... We are gearing up to print and ship another batch the second week in January.

We have a very small inventory in stock (less than 20 shirts), so if your order IS in stock, we'll ship it out ASAP. If your order is NOT in stock, you'll be notified with an estimated shipping date.

Shirts in stock as of December 17th 8:45pm: 4-sm, 8-md, 19-lg, 7-xl

Sorry, our free shipping campaign is over, but, you get a cool BIKEIOWA sticker with each shirt order.


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#1 - lostjr posted Sep 20, 2014

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