• Sun April 14 2013
  • Posted Apr 14, 2013
Riding more at night? Then why not consider getting a dynamo hub generator from our friends at Beaverdale Bicycles?

A dynamo hub is a small electrical generator built into the hub of a bicycle wheel that is used to power lights. The prices vary on the type of hub, lights and wheel build. Some of the more economical hubs are no more expensive than a decent rechargeable lighting system.

BIKEIOWA has been using a
dynamo hub generator for years now and loves that fact that we never have to worry about charding our lights! Our lights so bright they are illegal in some European countries!

Beaverdale Bikes specialized in commuting, touring and custom-built bicycles. They carry Schmidt and other dynamo hubs for all your lighting needs.

Talk to Ed and tell him BIKEIOWA sent ya.

Hi Ed, love the new tail light with the "brake light" feature, thanks, Velocio

#1 - velocio posted Apr 14, 2013

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