For those of you who are not part of Ingawanis Mountain Biking on Facebook,
here is Alan's latest post:

Camp Ingawanis - IMBCS #2
Sun May 05 2013 - 11:00 AM
Janesville, IA (by Waverly)
Event Details

Trail Update: Remarkably trails are in pretty good shape. If mother nature
gives us a little break I believe we will be including "The bottoms" in our
race loop as well. Think we removed all the downed trees from the course
and Karmen has been up to her old "tricks" again and has a lot of new trail
flagged out and ready for some TLC.

Don't worry, only a few short new sections for the race so you won't get
bounced to death. Flagged areas won't be ready until later.

Here is the link to the flyer:

Lap counts will be determined based on course conditions.

Looking forward to seeing many bright and shining faces Sunday!

Karmen Woelber



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