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  • Posted May 7, 2013
With the nicer weather more people are looking to get outdoors, and one Jefferson company is helping people who in the past might not have been able to bike.

“It’s about getting people out and cycling that otherwise can’t ride a conventional two-wheeled bike,” says John Brunow of All-Ability Cycles.

That includes people in wheel chairs.

Brunow and his wife own All-Ability Cycles in Jefferson.

They started out in Virginia, providing bikes for veterans at Walter Reed among their other sales.

The Brunows then moved to Iowa to be closer to their aging parents. The couple chose Jefferson because of its bicycle community and its proximity to the Raccoon River Valley Bike Trail.

They sell bikes that you won’t find in an ordinary shop, providing products to people with special needs.

All-Ability Cycles attracts a lot interest but the main market comes from people with health challenges that need a bike suited to their ability.

“We are in a baby boom situation…a growing number of individuals who need stability in cycling and the tricycles provide that to them,” says Brunow.

All-Ability Cycles has traveled the state to meet customers. Monday night they held a meeting in Ames for people who want to bike but are dealing with weight issues.

This summer, All-Ability Cycles will also be serving customers on RAGBRAI.






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