David Farber left his corporate job of 15 years to spend his days on the seat of his bicycle, watching the world spin by at a different pace. Now he’s bent on making it a career by starting Iowa City’s only bike courier business: Victory Bike Courier.

“If it can’t work here, I don’t know where it could work,” Farber said.

Farber hopes the progressive, environmentally friendly culture of Iowa City will help his business grow, ultimately allowing him to continue riding around town on his bike and provide for his family.

His business model is simple: For a nominal fee plus the costs of the item, Farber will deliver groceries, prescriptions, legal documents or anything else that his bike can carry. The business officially opens Oct. 15, and orders will be taken online at

His delivery bike, a gray Surley “Big Dummy,” is able to handle just about anything, he said. The back wheels have strap-on packs that can extend out to carry 25 pounds. With his additional trailer, Farber said he can tow items as large as a refrigerator. He also added that no item is too small, either.

“I’m gonna be out riding a hundred miles, five days a week anyway — why not set up a courier service?” Farber said with a laugh.

Each day, Farber gets up at 3 a.m. so he has enough time to get in a long ride before the day starts. He said he typically rides 110 to 120 miles every day no matter what the weather shows. In fact, he said he prefers rotten weather because it allows him to use some of his special gear, and his prized “fat tire” bikes that can tread on just about anything.

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