• Drunk Brian
  • Tue July 14 2015
  • Posted Jul 14, 2015
Get all the route maps, overnight town maps, shuttle maps, band info/route info and Team BrewHaHa's bar guide saved to your smartphone. No Internet connection required to use it - even works in airplane mode!


Go to on your smartphone and follow the instructions. The website will save to your phone. This will work on iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones.

No more carrying around maps or the bar guide with you. No more worrying about losing them or getting them wet, it's all saved on your phone and it's free!

Drunk Brian

BIKEIOWA NOTE: KUDOS to Brian!! So Simple and so useful!! We tested this out and it works and works awesome! Be sure to view the site on a good internet connection BEFORE you leave. We are buying Drunk Brian a 12 pack... well if he is not to drunk already...

Buy him a 12 pack when he's drunk, that way he might share with me! :)

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