Police are investigating an attack on an area recreational trail.

It happened at the running trail at Cedar Bend Park around 4:15 pm Wednesday.

Police say a woman was running there when a man pulled her sweatshirt over her eyes and brought her into the woods.

According to police, the attacker tried to sexually assault the woman but she fought him off.

She was able to run away and call police at her home.

The woman later took officers to the scene, where they found some things she dropped during the attack.

A similar attack happened on a trail at George Wyth State Park in July.

Police say a man attacked a woman from behind, dragged her into the woods and attacked her further.

Campers later found her partially clothed.

Police are now saying this attack and the one from Wednesday are similar in nature, and they're looking into possible connections.

"It's one of those situations a predator may have taken advantage of circumstances, that's one similarity to the last one," said Chief Dan Trelka with the Waterloo Police Department. "It rained in the morning, so there wasn't many people on the trails. This attack happened at a different time, but the weather was crummy, so we're looking into possible connections."

Police haven't arrested anyone in the George Wyth attack.

Trelka also said the Waterloo Police Department and other local law enforcement are organizing a self defense class where they'll hand out pepper spray to attendees.

KWWL will have more details on the class when they become available.

If you have any information on either attacks, please call police.







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