• Ben Oldach
  • Thu April 21 2016
  • Posted Apr 21, 2016

CLIVE, Iowa -- A major plan to revitalize Clive’s Greenbelt Park Trail network is in the works. The trail system connects many of Clive’s neighborhoods and is a big draw for the community.

With all the joggers, bikers and people just out for a stroll on the Greenbelt Trail, the city of Clive decided it was necessary to create a master plan for its future.

“It’s so important that we’ve spent the last year or a little bit better really studying it and figuring out for the next 25 years, what is this incredible asset going to look like,” said Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena.

That plan was revealed Wednesday, focusing on two main aspects of the trail.

“The Greenbelt itself is primarily a recreational corridor, and that’s where most people in the community,and also the region, see its greatest benefit. But closely behind that, I would say would be improving water quality, reducing flooding and improving habitat,” said Ryan Peterson, project manager of RDG Planning and Design.

With 92 percent of the Walnut Creek watershed draining through Clive, Peterson said improvements like rain gardens are going to be placed in key areas. In terms of recreation, safety is a top concern for those who use the trails.






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