Jan Franck cried as a prosecutor reached intoa paper evidence bag and pulled out the tangled metal and rubber remains of a rear bicycle wheel that belonged to her son.

Assistant Polk County Attorney Michael Hunter showed jurors other pieces of evidence gathered from theAug. 16 crash that killed Gregary Wade Franck. The panel saw a mirror and a silver front grille knocked off the white Chevrolet Equinox that police and prosecutors claim Jonathan Leyva Rodriguez, 32, was driving while drunk when he hit Franck.

Jurors heard from Leyva Rodriguez’s girlfriend and others as testimony began Wednesday in the vehicular homicide trial.


Gregary Wade Franck, 41, was a popular sales manager at Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny, and the courtroom was full as testimony began in the case against Leyva Rodriguez, who also faces other charges stemming from the collision. Theyincludeoperating while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident and operating a motor vehicle while barred.

Franck’s parents sat in the courtroom throughout the day.

The trial opened with a string of witnesses who were riding with or near Franck at the time of the crash around 10 a.m.on Grand Avenue.Cyclists who witnessed the bloody collision said the driver of the white SUV that hit Franck fled without touching the brakes.


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