May is National Bike to Work Month. Here in Dallas County, that may be impractical for many wage earners who commute to Des Moines or the next town over for their jobs. Instead, let’s focus on using bicycles as a mode of transportation for other purposes.

Instead of jumping into your vehicle to run to the store for a few items, how about taking your bike? When your kids need to get to a ball game, rather than giving them a ride, consider riding bikes together instead. The same goes for the daily school drop off and pick up. Begin thinking about the distance of your errand before automatically driving there.

This will take a change of habits! It will also mean reconsideration of time versus health benefits. As you start using your bicycle for daily errands, you may become aware of an increase in your stamina. A trip that at first made you tired becomes easier. Riding your bike instead of driving just once or twice a week will provide a cardio workout you otherwise wouldn’t get. Additionally, riding with your kids will teach them to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Enjoy biking for recreation and transportation.

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