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  • Posted Jun 5, 2016
BIKEIOWA just sent an emalil to 1,164 BIKEIOWA members who reside in Polk County.
PLEASE send an email of support for Urbandale to embrace a Complete Streets Policy.
The Urbandale City COuncil Meeting is this TUESDAY, June 7th. Please send you email TODAY!

THANKS In advacne for taking a few minutes to make this community better.!


RE: Urbandale Complete Streets Policy

Thanks for being a member of the Community. We rarely reach out asking for help, but this is one of those times that we need some assistance in specific counties.

Per your BIKEIOWA profile, you are one of 1,164 members who reside in Polk County. There are also 114 of you who reside in Urbandale.

Attached is the proposed 2 page Urbandale Complete Streets Policy that will be discussed during the Urbandale City Council Meeting on June 7th.


Please send and email to the following Urbandale City Council members stating how important it is for Urbandale to adopt a Complete Streets Policy.
Both Des Moines and West Des Moines both have adopted Complete Streets Policies and it only makes sense for the rest of the suburbs to embrace similar policies to make the metro a livable community for generations to come. A Complete Streets Policy is much more than bike lanes and traffic signals. The streets are for everyone whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user, bus rider or shopkeeper. But too many streets are designed only for speeding cars, or worse, creeping traffic jams. They are unsafe for people on foot or bike – and unpleasant for everybody.

Complete streets contribute many benefits to the surrounding community:

  • Wide, attractive sidewalks and well-defined bike routes, where appropriate to community context, encourage healthy and active lifestyles among residents of all ages.
  • Complete streets can provide children with opportunities to reach nearby destinations in a safe and supportive environment.
  • A variety of transportation options allow everyone – particularly people with disabilities and older adults – to get out and stay connected to the community.
  • Multi-modal transportation networks help communities provide alternatives to sitting in traffic.
  • A better integration of land use and transportation through a Complete Streets process creates an attractive combination of buildings – houses, offices, shops – and street designs.
  • Designing a street with pedestrians in mind – sidewalks, raised medians, better bus stop placement, traffic-calming measures, and treatments for travelers with disabilities – may reduce pedestrian risk by as much as 28 percent.
  • A livable community is one that preserves resources for the next generation: Complete Streets help reduce carbon emissions and are an important part of a climate change strategy.

More great facts about Livable Communities here:

More about the Urbandale Mayor and the council members can be found here:

Ride Safe!

Thanks for using BikeIowa!!
Scott Sumpter
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