• Sat July 02 2016
  • Posted Jul 2, 2016
Wade Franck's Ghost Bike was placed last August in the same spot that Wade was hit and killed by a drunken driver in the 5100 block of Grand Ave in Des Moines.

Sometime on the night of July 1st or early morning hours of July 2nd, Wade's Ghost Bike was mangled by a automobile as it was ripped from the post it was locked to, shoved across the sidewalk and smacked into a tree. The damage makes us cringe when we look at it. more photos

You can see the tire tracks across the sidewalk.

Determinations are being made if Wade's ghost bike will be placed back in the same spot as-is, or if a new Ghost Bike will be made.

We think there is a TON OF IMPACT to leave the Ghost Bike as-is. What do you think?


Past News about Wade

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