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Here is a link to letters from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, the MPO's Environmental Roundtable, and the Warren County Conservation's board and staff -- allopposing the realignment.

Warren Country Conversation Board agenda and MAPS

WHOTV Segment from 12/12 - "Great Western Trail Could Undergo Change Due to Highway Extension"

MAP & Info on WHY the Veteran's Parkway is being extended


Attention all Central Iowa Trail users: The Great Western Trail is under threat…

The Warren County Supervisors and the City of West Des Moines (WDM) recently developed new plans to build Veterans Parkway in 2017 using 2-miles of the Great Western Trail corridor.

The proposed alignment of this 6-lane road would be placed within the Great Western Trail corridor for nearly 2 miles near Orilla

The Great Western Trail would shift from a 100-ft greenway to a 10ft side path along the highway

Does central Iowa truly value parks, trails, smart growth and natural capital?

The Warren County Supervisors and Warren County Conservation Board must vote to donate the Great Western Trail corridor to WDM for road purposes.

Because of concerns raised about the taking of the corridor, WDM has developed alternative alignments – so they have an option that avoids the trail corridor

What to do:

1. Please attend the Warren County Conservation Board meeting on December 14 th , 7:00pm, Annette Nature Center 15565 118th Ave Indianola, IA 50125 to learn about the project, impacts, and alternatives!!!


2. Follow-up with comments to:

Warren Co Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Chair Doug Shull
Phone: 515-961-1030

Supervisor Crystal McIntyre
Phone: 515-961-1029

Supervisor Dean Yordi
Phone: 515-961-1028

Warren CCB

Jim Priebe

West Des Moines City Council

Mayor Steven Gaer
Work: 515-974- 5261

Councilmember Kevin Trevillyan
Phone: 515-240- 8786

Councilmember John Mickelson
Phone: 515-554- 7165

Councilmember Russ Trimble
Phone: 515-554- 8746

Councilmember James Sandager
Phone: 515-225- 7540

Councilmember Rick Messerschmidt
Phone: 515-223- 6398

What to say:

Tell your story…first. Why are parks and trails important to you, your family and central Iowa.


Do not compromise the integrity of this greenway corridor
Keep Veterans Parkway away from the Great Western Trail
Other points….

Regional Importance of the corridor

The Great Western Trail is more than a trail it is a linear park that extends another 17 miles from downtown Des Moines, along Grays Lake, and through Water Works Park

As a National Recreation Trail, this corridor plays a vital role within the Central Iowa Trails Network
GWT helped launch Central Iowa’s “World Capital of Trails” status

If we face a compromised GWT, we undermine our network’s national significance and the trail’s associated public health, recreation, and economic benefits

It is the only trail with easy, year-round, uninterrupted access to downtown Des Moines.

The network of linear parks and trails in central Iowa is important for our quality of life and diversifying economic opportunities

General Benefits

It’s a safe place for families with kids to explore with few dangerous road crossings

Scenic qualities

Wildlife habitat

Health and wellness from being outdoors

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