Cyclists lauded a bill introduced in the Iowa House this week requiring motorists to change lanes when passing a bicycle on Iowaroads, but raised concerns about a portion of the bill that would require bikes riding on county roads and state highways to use high-poweredfront and rearlights.

"As a bicyclist nothing more terrifying when someone, deliberately or not, drives too close to you," said Jeremy Lewis, director of the Des Moines Bicycle Collective.

A similar bill was passed by the Iowa Senate last year, but failed to gain support in the Iowa House. Lewis saida record-high number of bicycling fatalities in 2016 and a year's worth of study on the issue have contributed to support for the bill in the Legislature this year.

The bill would require drivers to move over a full lane when passing cyclists, but itwouldnot apply to cyclists riding on a paved shoulder or within adesignated bike lane.Violations would carrya $100 fine.

"Some states have 3-foot passing or a5-foot passing law being considered. From a driver’s perspective, Iwould say it’s nearly impossible to delineate the difference between those," Lewis said. "We all know what it means to change lanes to pass a bicycle."







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